The Ultimate Wine Cellar is proud to introduce our very own resident Certified Sommelier, Andrew Jaeger. 

Hello, I am Andrew Jaeger, a Certified Specialist of Wine and the owner of Somm1. I am proud to be working with The Ultimate Wine Cellar as they build some of the most amazing wine cellars that I have ever seen.

My greatest joy is to share my wine knowledge and experience with those desiring a Sommelier-guided tasting experience. A Certified Sommelier not only has an understanding of wines from California but from around the world. No matter what region we choose for your event, you can make it a cultural experience with distinctive wines from Italy, France, and the New World. 

 Established in 1972, Jordan Vineyard & Winery was inspired by the great wine estates of France and created as an homage to the timeless connection between food, wine, and hospitality. A relentless commitment to this tenet helped make Jordan one of the top Cabernet Sauvignon brands in California.

Founders Tom and Sally Jordan were maverick pioneers with a unique vision. They wanted to be the first to create a Bordeaux-style California Cabernet Sauvignon that was approachable while young yet aged gracefully. Located in Sonoma's Alexander Valley, the home for their wine would be an extraordinary winery chateau combining winemaking facilities, guest suites, and kitchen and dining areas under one roof. The couple set a standard for American wine quality and wine country hospitality—a top standard that is still held at Jordan today—making it one of the best Sonoma wineries to visit in Healdsburg.

  Vertical Artisans presents The Ultimate Wine Cellar. This site chronicles the daily work of vertical decorative concrete artist Nathan Giffin and others as they fabricate a themed environment. Please feel free to share this site on FaceBook with friends and enjoy the behind the scenes look into this niche market. The episodes created by the team lead by Jody Smith of Going Coastal Web will be released at the completion of the cellars.

   Watching this creative build take place is definitely exciting but not all that this presentation offers. There is
opportunity to learn this craft and unlock the secrets used by artists all over the world. The materials & tools used are also explained and presented, as they are the foundations of our craft.  New Innovations and insights of our craft are explored and explained so that folks understand the potential this crafts offers.

   Finally, who are the people that do this craft?  We hope to 
show you and introduce them to you locally in your areas. If there are no artists in your area, well then, that means you might want to consider this craft as a hobby or even more.
We hope you enjoy this presentation as it unfolds.