The Art of Stone Facing--- Vertical Artisans Core Curriculum I

  The Vertical Artisans "Core" course illustrates the methods, styles and techniques of hand carved vertical decorative concrete. It Includes: Stone Facing, Positive Carving ,Foam Construction, Exposed Stone One Day Walls, Old Stone Tables, Painting and Staining and many more variations of the above.

The Art of Stone Facing --- Vertical Artisans Core Curriculum 2

  This is a continuation of Core I that covers The West Coast Training Center, Swords & Weave Wall Mural, Old Stone Table Kitchen, Rebar Armature Building, Outdoor Tables, One Day Walls, The World Of Concrete & More.

Living Tree Art The Wedding Tree--- Earl Senchuk

Through 24 videos and a 43 page instruction manual, I demonstrate in 9 steps how to make versions of Living Tree Art that are 2-1/2 on up to 4 feet tall using concrete and steel.   These miniature versions of mature looking trees work perfectly as room décor for wedding tables, hospital entryways, hotel lobbies, flower shops, craft shows, just to name a few market channels.   The tree displays can incorporate living or artificial plants and can be interchanged at will to match the season, or the event.   A change in display can change the attitude of an entire scene.   The trees can be made to be displayed indoors or out, or both.  This is a good starter course as it carries all the same basic principles as large Living Tree Art, but with lighter duty startup needs. 

Living Tree Art--- Earl Senchuk

   Trees are big, expensive items to ship which is why I chose to teach Living Tree Art so that others can prosper as well within the distance they are willing to travel to install their works.  Basic artistic skills, a 110 V MIG welder, Oxyacetylene torch kit, and common tools are all that are needed for anyone to enjoy the never ending compliments that come from the currently wide open, untapped market of Living Tree Art.  (This course includes 43 videos and 120 page instruction manual).

   Foam Core Construction --- Learn The Foam

  Over the last sevral years i have been fabricating foam structures and experimenting with various mix designs and products to create a system that is fast, afforable and much lighter than the traditional methods.  This course is design so you can share in my experiense and gain more knowledge in this cutting edge method of construction for artificial rock.

Epoxy 102 Strangler Fig Tree--- Mike Vernelson

This is the second course in Epoxy molding specializing in the Strangler Fig Tree.  Methods and techniques use are specific to this tree type but can be used in a variety of situations.

Rock Water Features --- Positive Carving with Mike Vernelson Part 1

​  A subscription to this course grants full access of Mike Vernelsons video data for this course.  This data covers tips, tricks and methods of positive carving as well as some bonus material.

Stopping Cracks in Their Tracks--- Herb Nordmeyer

  This course will explore the reasons why concrete cracks, and how you can prevent it in order to confidently reassure your customer their project will remain beautiful.

The Super Course--- You Get It All 

   There is to much to list for a special sign up process – Email Directly

Rock Painting & Formulations Part 1--- Mike Vernelson

This particular course is illustrated by Mike Vernelson (Crete Inc) and Nathan Giffin break down the painitng process for small to large size rock features.   Materials, tools, and methods are also explained in this video along with all the forumations of colors.

Each formulation includes the base coats, secondary coats and any final colors used.    These forumlations are examples and can be used for various looks depending on the clients desire.

Epoxy 101--- Mike Vernelson

This is an introductory Course using Poly Gem Epoxy. Mike illustrates a tree and root system coming through the ceiling in an underground house.   All techniques are included in this course.