The Ultimate Wine Cellar is proud to introduce our very own resident Certified Sommelier, Andrew Jaeger. 

Hello, I am Andrew Jaeger, a Certified Specialist of Wine and the owner of Somm1.

I am proud to be working with The Ultimate Wine Cellar as they build some of the most amazing wine cellars that I have ever seen.

My greatest joy is to share my wine knowledge and experience with those desiring a Sommelier-guided tasting experience. A Certified Sommelier not only has an understanding of wines from California but from around the world.
No matter what region we choose for your event, you can make it a cultural experience with distinctive wines from Italy, France, and the New World. I can assure that you and your guests will enjoy an unforgettable and informative evening.

Somm1 covers a broad range of wine regions, interesting varietals, and celebrated winemakers to offer a sophisticated and informative experience centered on guest preferences. The cultural experience is best experienced with visual images that can be provided with a looping video of the winery. Most wineries are family owned and operated which creates a personal and endearing connection to those who share in their wine. Moreover, wine is produced in regions that are idyllic and picturesque.  Allowing your guests to make a visual connection with the winery is a powerful way to transcend them into the romantic world of wine.

Somm1 also offers photography options provided by Aperture Promotions. The impact of professional photography on an event is immeasurable. Everyone enjoys seeing their picture with close friends at an event and having a visual keepsake of the joy they experienced at the party. The photos also provide the option to share with family and friends on social media. Photography is one of the best ways to receive recognition for the effort and cost you contribute to providing your friends, family and business associates with an unforgettable evening.

Follow along and watch as we showcase
"The Wines In Our Cellars"

Wine Tastings
A wine tasting with the guidance of a truly exceptional sommelier is a wonderfully enriching experience. The knowledge and passion for wine that Andrew will bring to your event are sure to have a powerful impact on those in attendance.  Not only will he create an elegant and informative atmosphere, but will inspire your guests to discover a love and appreciation for fine wine that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Themed Parties
Themed parties can be a fun way to explore aspects of different types of wine more in-depth. Ideas for themed wine events include selecting wines from a certain location, selecting wines of a specific varietal or a range of wines from a specific vineyard. The options are limitless. Themed wines tastings provide an opportunity to really understand the subtleties of a specific type of wine. This would be a great way to truly educate the palate. 

Wine Dinners
A wine dinner incorporates the refinement of a gourmet, multiple course meal with carefully selected wines to compliment the flavor of each course. Andrew has developed relationships with local chefs and caterers who understand the nuance of fine dining and the attention to detail that is needed to create a truly remarkable wine dinner. Working hand in glove with these culinary professionals, Andrew will craft a dining experience like no other. 

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Each course will include a carefully selected wine to complement the flavor of each culinary offering. The end result will be a dining experience like no other. Andrew has the experience to provide wine dinners in a large banquet setting, but also in a more intimate setting in his client's homes. What better way to show your close friends and family that you care than by providing

them with a unique dining experience like no other in the comfort of your home. Contact Andrew today for more information and to start planning your next event.