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the STONE MATRIX The Stone Matrix is a revolutionary tool for the decorative vertical concrete market. This tools allows anybody to dive into the world of vertical concrete with confidence. The Stone Matrix is a six piece template pattern system that is completely interchangeable with its partner pieces, top and bottom and end to end, which creates a different group of stones each time a tool edge meets a different edge. Unlike traditional pattern stamps that provide a very limited pattern offering, the Stone Matrix combinations are in the thousands. Even though current manufacturers produce high quality stamping tools, there are still the intrinsic flaws in these systems, namely repetition of pattern design and texture. The very nature of this new design tool eliminates that issue entirely because each piece interacts uniquely with the others. The Matrix purposely displays very little in the way of surface texture and will rely on the installer to create their own textures by way of skins, rollers, and texture trowels further ensuring the uniqueness of each project. Each Stone Matrix piece is 8 ft. long and 16 inches tall so they make an impression very quickly and can allow an installer to complete a stone pattern on large walls in minutes instead of hours. 

The tools are most easily used by two people.  Once a stamp is in, you just line up the next one to either end or directly above first stamp. The open ended grout line system takes care of the rest. The grout lines produced range from one inch to one and a half inches in depth and will vary in thickness and detail.  By using the LEDGE, TEXTURE SLEEVES, SKINS OR TROWELS, you can clean up and customize the design in no time flat.

The notion of stamping the outlining pattern of the design not only saves time for the artist but also reduces the clean out of the pattern by 99%.   Both design and clean out account for the bulk of the time spent on the wall.   The time saved can then be used in more productive areas of the project and also in tweaking the artwork itself to the end result of perfection. What was once the job of the most experienced person on the crew, creating the pattern, can now be accomplished by the least experienced.






​Add pack for mortar conversion that produces vertical decorative concrete – The preferred sculpting mix by Vertical Artisans.


The key component for foam core construction.


​Tru Tint WB - water base - is the easiest water based concrete stain on the planet. Its extreme versatility allows the user great latitude in how they are using it.  From coloring pavers, concrete stamping, and natural stone to faux finishing vertical concrete and boulders, this is the way to go.

Walttools Tru Tint is a penetrating, permanent, semi transparent stain that is water based and extremely safe and easy to use.  They can be used alone, mixed, blended or layered for any number of natural looking effects. Stains are most commonly applied with a quality garden sprayer or a hand sprayer.  For more specific coloration such as borders, logos, etc, a brush will do.
Tru Tint water base stains have become the go to coloration for many concrete stamping contractors for its ease of use, economy and the ability to tailor the colors to the surrounding landscape. They work well alone or in conjunction with integral color or color hardener.

Walttools Tru Tint WB stains are excellent for rejuvenation applications.  It may be as easy as recolor and reseal to get your patio or driveway -Pavers or Concrete - looking like it did when it was poured!

REAX – Reactive Stains (Non-Acid) 

Reax stains are unique metallic salt based formulations which are non acidic and work by reacting with various compnants in and on the concrete surface.  They produce a widely varied, mottled surface that is permanent and cannot be wiped off or removed like a water base stain. The effects are similar to that of an acid stain but without the extensive cleanup to that process.  Simply spay on the reax, optionally work it in with a broom, wait a few hours for the color change and then seal it up. You cannot have a much easier process. NO NEED TO NEAUTRALIZE LIKE ACID STAINS.

Reax leaves the ultimate natural color with the most mottling and variation of any stain. They are best for creating the "Old World" look on your project.
See below for a demonstration of the stains and some typical results on a concrete panel.  For more general effects such as on prepped floors and stamped concrete, you can apply in the same way you would with traditional acid stains.

TRU-BLOCK – Invisible Stone Sealer

Tru - Block is a one of kind water repellant and sealer designed to provide the most natural surface possible.
It's unprecedented water based silicone formula will provide the ultimate in long term weather protection without the undesired gloss that comes with traditional film forming sealers. Open, apply and you are done.  Tru - Block is also re coatable, making this ultra convenient in a concrete sealer of this type.


First Crack Geodes is a web-based business that I set up to showcase the Keokuk Geode. It is an educational website with the option to purchase unopened crack-your-own geode kits, or opened display and collector specimens.